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Recently sold

  22438 21 Oct Wheat APW1 (CSG103) 15/16 NARROMINE, NSW (Ex-Farm) 80mt $222.00/mt More details
  22437 21 Oct Wheat AUH2 (CSG106) 15/16 DEL MELBOURNE PACKER, VIC (Ex-Farm) 35mt $270.00/mt More details
  22436 21 Oct Wheat HPS1 (CSG109) 15/16 DELIVERED GOULBURN VALLEY, NSW (Ex-Farm) 200mt $245.00/mt More details
  22435 21 Oct Barley F1 M/G 16/17 BOREE CREEK, NSW (Warehoused) 200mt $128.25/mt More details
  22434 21 Oct Canola CAN (CSO1-a) 16/17 BOREE CREEK, NSW (Warehoused) 150mt $499.25/mt More details
  22432 21 Oct Canola CAN (CSO1-a) 15/16 LAHARUM BULK STORAGE, VIC (Warehoused) 248.94mt $480.00/mt More details
  22429 21 Oct Wheat HPS1 (CSG109) 15/16 DEL GOULBURN VALLEY, VIC (Ex-Farm) 25mt $250.00/mt More details
  21755 21 Oct Barley F1 (CSG10) 15/16 WARREN, NSW (Ex-Farm) 200mt $142.50/mt More details
  22427 20 Oct Wheat H1 (CSG101) 15/16 DEL BALLAN, VIC (Warehoused) 28mt $280.00/mt More details
  20948 20 Oct Wheat H2 (CSG102) 15/16 EDENHOPE EMERALD, VIC (Warehoused) 106.1mt $235.00/mt More details
  22426 20 Oct Canola CAN (CSO1-a) 15/16 BOORT, VIC (Warehoused) 76.94mt $499.75/mt More details
  22425 20 Oct Wheat H2 (CSG102) 15/16 DEL GOULBURN VALLEY, VIC (Warehoused) 107mt $260.00/mt More details
  20081 20 Oct Wheat HPS1 (CSG109) 15/16 TRUNDLE, NSW (Ex-Farm) 25mt $200.00/mt More details
  21842 20 Oct Wheat H2 (CSG102) 15/16 DEL MURRAY BRIDGE, SA (Ex-Farm) 64mt $240.00/mt More details
  22422 20 Oct Wheat ASW1 (CSG105) 15/16 COREEN, NSW (Ex-Farm) 200mt $230.00/mt More details

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