About Us

Established in 2009 following export wheat deregulation, igrain.com.au was developed as an online portal designed specifically for the Australian grain industry.

Whether you're a grower, trader, broker or end user, igrain.com.au complements your business by providing access across two transparent online platforms; "igrain offerboard" and "igrain exchange". Both have been designed to give growers greater flexibility as well increased exposure to a broader range of marketing options.

igrain offerboard allows growers to publish their grain to the market as an indicative offer ex-farm, delivered or warehoused and maintain ultimate control over the final marketing decision. This allows the grower and buyer to come to an agreement that is flexible with quality, quantity, pickup, delivery and payment terms.

In partnership with NZX the igrain exchange allows growers to place a firm offer for warehoused grain at GrainCorp and AWB Grainflow sites. (Additional bulk handling companies are in the process of being added). igrain exchange is also linked with Profarmer Grain‚??s market leading price discovery tools to give growers ultimate market transparency.

Buyer and Seller networks

Our regionally based field team of expert Account Mangers prides themselves on having strong relationships with buyers and sellers across all facets of the grain market, including domestic, ex-farm, delivered markets, containers and bulk export.

igrain has one of the largest network of buyers in Australia, transacting with more then 250 individual trading companies annually. Growers have access to buying programs from local, large domestic and export buyers.

Our grower network spans the east coast and into South Australia, providing buyers access to over 7,000 grain growers in the one location. For buyers looking to attract volume efficiently, igrain can aggregate grower tonnes, which, in turn, often leads to increased farm gate returns to growers.

Price discovery and market information

At igrain we believe in creating an open and transparent marketplace, we publish every trade and provide industry leading grain market commentary.

As well as publishing searchable bids and offers, igrain.com.au has integrated with Profarmer Grain‚??s price discovery tools to ensure growers have an independent source of market information when establishing their marketing parameters.

Fees and charges

igrain offerboard

- Free to register
- Free to list your grain, we only charge you when we sell the grain (and we only sell on credit terms to insured buyers)

Warehoused Grain

Ex farm or Delivered

Reduced $2.00/mt plus GST $3.00/mt plus GST

Brokerage is invoiced separately based on contracted tonnes.

igrain exchange

- Free to register
- Free to list your grain, we only charge you when we sell the grain (and you get paid within 7 days having retained title until payment is made)

Warehoused tonnes

$2.10 plus GST (fee includes a 10c custodial fee)

Brokerage is deducted from the transaction at the time of payment

We also have options to utilise grain payment insurance on your private sales please call 1300 447 246 for details.