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Machallie McCormack

Senior Account Manager

Riverina NSW

mob: 0417 118 759

Cindy Brebner

Account Manager

Central Southern NSW

mob: 0477 641 544

Laura Smith

Account Manager

Central West NSW

mob: 0477 641 155

Brooke Huggins

Account Manager

Northern NSW and Southern QLD

mob: 0477 641 322

Marissa MacAlpine

Account Manager

Central VIC

mob: 0409 917 873

Ellie Fisher

Account Manager

North West VIC and SA

mob: 0488 010 462

2D769 Grapemark Feed 19/20 GRIFFITH , NSW Private Storage Facility 500mt $20.00/mt
2E642 Hay Straw 19/20 EUROA, VIC On Farm 3000mt $30.00/mt
2E284 Almond Hulls Whole 19/20 CARWARP/WEMEN FOT OR DELIVERED VIC,NSW OR QLD, VIC Other 300mt $45.00/mt
2D964 Hay Barley Straw 19/20 NHILL, VIC On Farm 500mt $60.00/mt
2E609 Almond Hulls Whole 19/20 WEMEN, VIC Private Storage Facility 350mt $65.00/mt
2D647 Hay Barley Straw 19/20 NHILL, VIC On Farm 500mt $70.00/mt
2D971 Straw Corn Stubble 19/20 WHITTON, NSW On Farm 400mt $70.00/mt
2E282 Almond Hulls Whole 19/20 ROBINVALE, VIC Delivered To 1000mt $70.00/mt
2E513 Almond Hulls Whole 19/20 SWAN REACH, SA Other 550mt $75.00/mt
2E524 Hay Straw 19/20 CULCAIRN, NSW On Farm 700mt $75.00/mt
2D969 Hay Barley Straw 19/20 WHITTON **SHEDDED**, NSW On Farm 965mt $80.00/mt
2D970 Hay Wheaten Straw 19/20 WHITTON **SHEDDED**, NSW On Farm 1000mt $80.00/mt
2D052 Hay Barley Straw 19/20 MURTOA, VIC On Farm 300mt $85.00/mt
2E112 Hay Wheaten Straw 19/20 WOMBOOTA, NSW On Farm 300mt $90.00/mt
2D381 Hay Barley Straw 19/20 BERRIWILLOCK, VIC On Farm 1100mt $110.00/mt
2C694 Hay Barley Straw 19/20 BIRCHIP, VIC On Farm 500mt $110.00/mt
2D481 Hay Wheaten 19/20 JEPARIT, VIC On Farm 200mt $110.00/mt
2D300 Hay Barley Straw 19/20 JEPARIT, VIC On Farm 150mt $110.00/mt
2D306 Hay Wheaten Straw 19/20 DOOKIE, VIC On Farm 500mt $110.00/mt
2D053 Hay Barley Straw 19/20 MINYIP, VIC On Farm 169mt $110.00/mt

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