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  2A723 28 Feb Wheat APW1 (CSG103) 18/19 DEL GEELONG, VIC (Ex-Farm) 115mt $385.00/mt More details
  2A296 28 Feb Canola CAN (CSO1-a) 18/19 MURCHISON EAST, VIC (Warehoused) 54.98mt $572.25/mt More details
  2A412 28 Feb Lupins Narrow Leaf (CSP 8.1.1) 17/18 15KM SOUTH OF DUBBO , NSW (Ex-Farm) 21mt $680.00/mt More details
  2A712 28 Feb Barley F1 (CSG10) 18/19 ALBURY, NSW (Ex-Farm) 160mt $385.00/mt More details
  2A670 28 Feb Lupins Narrow Leaf (CSP 8.1.1) 18/19 URANA, NSW (Ex-Farm) 27mt $605.00/mt More details
  2A714 26 Feb Hay Straw 18/19 COLEAMBALLY, NSW (Ex-Farm) 28mt $160.00/mt More details
  2A696 26 Feb Barley F1 (CSG10) 18/19 LEETON, NSW (Ex-Farm) 40mt $395.00/mt More details
  2A514 26 Feb Wheat Organic 18/19 TOORAWEENAH, NSW (Ex-Farm) 200mt $520.00/mt More details
  2A693 26 Feb Lentils Feed 17/18 MINYIP, VIC (Ex-Farm) 88mt $470.00/mt More details
  2A707 26 Feb Chick Peas CHKPM 17/18 DELIVERED GULARGAMBONE , NSW (Ex-Farm) 26mt $800.00/mt More details
  2A706 26 Feb Barley F1 (CSG10) 18/19 DEL SOUTHERN NSW, VIC (Warehoused) 250mt $385.00/mt More details
  2A611 26 Feb Maize Gritting Maize 18/19 SHEPPARTON, VIC (Ex-Farm) 40mt $490.00/mt More details
  2A702 25 Feb Barley F1 (CSG10) 18/19 DEL HAY, VIC (Ex-Farm) 130mt $405.00/mt More details
  2A697 25 Feb Wheat ASW1 (CSG105) 18/19 DEL GOULBURN VALLEY, VIC (Ex-Farm) 60mt $418.00/mt More details
  2A692 22 Feb Wheat SFW1 (CSG151) 18/19 DEL MELBOURNE, VIC (Ex-Farm) 400mt $405.00/mt More details
  2A603 22 Feb Wheat APW1 (CSG103) 18/19 BROCKLESBY NSW, NSW (Ex-Farm) 100mt $403.00/mt More details
  2A652 22 Feb Barley F1 (CSG10) 18/19 PARKES, NSW (Ex-Farm) 40mt $420.00/mt More details
  2A585 21 Feb Hay Wheaten 18/19 STREATHAM, VIC (Ex-Farm) 50mt $280.00/mt More details
  2A535 21 Feb Barley F1 (CSG10) 18/19 STEWARTON, VIC (Ex-Farm) 35mt $380.00/mt More details
  2A681 21 Feb Barley F1 (CSG10) 18/19 BOREE CREEK, NSW (Ex-Farm) 80mt $375.00/mt More details

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