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2E241 Chick Peas Kabuli (CSP - 4.3.1) 19/20 SHEPPARTON, VIC On Farm 12.5mt $540.00/mt
2D738 Peas PEAK 19/20 MINYIP, VIC On Farm 40mt $550.00/mt
2E496 Lupins Narrow Leaf (CSP 8.1.1) 19/20 CHARLTON, VIC On Farm 38mt $560.00/mt
2E441 Canola CAN (CSO1-a) 20/21 RAND, NSW GrainCorp 100mt $570.00/mt
2D993 Canola CAN (CSO1-a) 20/21 BOREE CREEK, NSW GrainCorp 200mt $570.00/mt
2E326 Canola CAN (CSO1-a) 20/21 DUNOLLY, VIC Delivered To 300mt $570.00/mt
2E352 Chick Peas Feed 17/18 WARREN, NSW On Farm 40mt $575.00/mt
2E124 Canola CAN (CSO1-a) 20/21 YARRAWONGA, VIC GrainCorp 200mt $580.00/mt
29789 Canola CAN (CSO1-a) 17/18 SWAN HILL, VIC On Farm 10mt $580.00/mt
2E447 Canola CAN (CSO1-a) 20/21 DOOKIE, VIC Delivered To 300mt $580.00/mt
2B632 Lupins Feed Lupins 18/19 ILLABO, NSW On Farm 40mt $580.00/mt
2D610 Oats Milling Oats (CSG31) 16/17 TULLIBIGEAL , NSW On Farm 27mt $600.00/mt
2E127 Faba Beans NO. 2 (CSP - 5.3.2) 19/20 CONGUPNA, VIC On Farm 25mt $600.00/mt
2D895 Oats Seed 19/20 GRIFFITH, NSW On Farm 10mt $600.00/mt
2D643 Millet Other 17/18 MOREE, NSW On Farm 12mt $600.00/mt
2E177 Lupins Narrow Leaf (CSP 8.1.1) 19/20 KIMBA, SA On Farm 30mt $600.00/mt
2D929 Oats Other 19/20 WANGARY, SA On Farm 25mt $600.00/mt
2D688 Oats Seed 16/17 TULLIBIGEAL , NSW On Farm 15mt $600.00/mt
2E222 Lupins Narrow Leaf (CSP 8.1.1) 19/20 HOPETOUN, VIC On Farm 40mt $600.00/mt
2E226 Faba Beans NO.1 (CSP - 5.2.1) 19/20 CHARLTON, VIC On Farm 40mt $600.00/mt

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