2A400 Barley F1 (CSG10) 18/19 MANANGATANG, VIC On Farm 44mt $385.00/mt More details
2A664 Barley F1 (CSG10) 18/19 BANNOCKBURN, VIC On Farm 60mt $385.00/mt More details
2B017 Wheat ASW1 (CSG105) 18/19 DEL WESTSIDE MELBOURNE, VIC On Farm 500mt $385.00/mt More details
2A277 Barley F1 (CSG10) 18/19 DECKERTS NETHERBY, VIC Private Storage Facility 180mt $390.00/mt More details
2A620 Wheat SFW1 (CSG151) 18/19 15KM SOUTH OF DERRINALLUM , VIC On Farm 90mt $390.00/mt More details
2A173 Barley F2 (CSG11) 18/19 PATCHEWOLLOCK, VIC On Farm 93mt $390.00/mt More details
29679 Barley F1 (CSG10) 18/19 MANANGATANG , VIC On Farm 44mt $390.00/mt More details
2A283 Wheat H2 (CSG102) 18/19 GOOLGOWI, NSW GrainCorp 251.54mt $392.00/mt More details
2A284 Wheat APH2 (CSG100) 18/19 GOOLGOWI, NSW GrainCorp 46.56mt $392.00/mt More details
2A769 Barley F1 (CSG10) 18/19 BURALYANG, NSW On Farm 42mt $393.00/mt More details
2A875 Barley F1 (CSG10) 18/19 RANKIN SPRINGS, NSW On Farm 80mt $393.00/mt More details
2A791 Wheat SFWR 18/19 WESTERN DISTRICTS, VIC Delivered To 500mt $394.00/mt More details
2A114 Wheat H1 (CSG101) 18/19 WUDINNA, SA Viterra 80.78mt $395.00/mt More details
2A914 Barley F1 (CSG10) 18/19 RAND, NSW On Farm 130mt $395.00/mt More details
2A750 Barley LA1 18/19 BOORT, VIC Private Storage Facility 109.3mt $395.00/mt More details
2B016 Wheat ASW1 (CSG105) 18/19 DEL MELBOURNE FULL RANGE, VIC On Farm 500mt $395.00/mt More details
2A295 Wheat H1 (CSG101) 18/19 RUDALL , SA Viterra 79.04mt $396.00/mt More details
2B020 Wheat APW1 (CSG103) 18/19 BINYA , NSW On Farm 40mt $398.00/mt More details
2A515 Barley F1 (CSG10) 18/19 SHEPPARTON, VIC On Farm 200mt $400.00/mt More details
2A263 Barley F1 (CSG10) 18/19 KAROONDA , SA On Farm 90mt $400.00/mt More details

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