2A763 Wheat APH2 (CSG100) 18/19 TEMORA, NSW Private Storage Facility 300mt $410.00/mt More details
29936 Barley F1 (CSG10) 18/19 TULLAMORE , NSW On Farm 130mt $413.00/mt More details
2A792 Wheat ASW1 (CSG105) 18/19 GOULBURN VALLEY, VIC Delivered To 660mt $414.00/mt More details
2A532 Barley F1 (CSG10) 18/19 WAKOOL, NSW On Farm 300mt $415.00/mt More details
2A823 Wheat APW1 (CSG103) 18/19 BURRUMBUTTOCK, NSW On Farm 80mt $415.00/mt More details
2A614 Barley LA1 18/19 JEPARIT, VIC GrainCorp 421mt $415.00/mt More details
2A617 Wheat H2 (CSG102) 18/19 NHILL, VIC GrainCorp 44.28mt $415.00/mt More details
2A669 Wheat H2 (CSG102) 18/19 KYABRAM, VIC On Farm 100mt $415.00/mt More details
2A420 Wheat ASW1 (CSG105) 18/19 HORSHAM, VIC On Farm 200mt $415.00/mt More details
2A936 Wheat SFW1 (CSG151) 18/19 HAY, NSW On Farm 450mt $415.00/mt More details
29922 Barley F1 (CSG10) 18/19 THE ROCK, NSW Australian Bulk Alliance 119.51mt $415.00/mt More details
2A754 Wheat APW1 (CSG103) 18/19 BOORT, VIC Private Storage Facility 32.2mt $415.00/mt More details
2A755 Wheat H2 (CSG102) 18/19 BOORT, VIC Private Storage Facility 20.96mt $415.00/mt More details
29943 Wheat H1 (CSG101) 18/19 JEPARIT, VIC GrainCorp 206.48mt $417.00/mt More details
2A818 Barley F1 (CSG10) 18/19 MILVALE, NSW On Farm 40mt $420.00/mt More details
29311 Hay Canola 17/18 ILABO, NSW On Farm 42mt $420.00/mt More details
2A596 Wheat ASW1 (CSG105) 18/19 NANDALY, VIC On Farm 380mt $420.00/mt More details
2A852 Wheat H2 (CSG102) 18/19 SHEPPARTON, VIC On Farm 80mt $420.00/mt More details
2A618 Wheat H1 (CSG101) 18/19 NHILL, VIC GrainCorp 132.82mt $420.00/mt More details
2A619 Wheat H1 (CSG101) 18/19 JEPARIT, VIC GrainCorp 44.45mt $420.00/mt More details

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