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Machallie McCormack

Senior Account Manager

Riverina NSW

mob: 0417 118 759

Cindy Brebner

Account Manager

Central Southern NSW

mob: 0477 641 544

Laura Smith

Account Manager

Central West NSW

mob: 0477 641 155

Brooke Huggins

Account Manager

Northern NSW and Southern QLD

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Marissa MacAlpine

Account Manager

Central VIC

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Ellie Fisher

Account Manager

North West VIC and SA

mob: 0488 010 462

2E657 Peas Other 19/20 BIRCHIP, VIC On Farm 100mt $360.00/mt
2E606 Peas PEASF 17/18 LAKE CHARM, VIC On Farm 18mt $400.00/mt
2D550 Peas PEASF 19/20 JEPARIT, VIC On Farm 115mt $420.00/mt
2E399 Peas PEASF 19/20 NETHERBY, VIC On Farm 270mt $490.00/mt
2E117 Peas PEAK 19/20 GLADSTONE, SA Viterra 170.94mt $500.00/mt
2D857 Peas PEASF 19/20 NETHERBY, VIC On Farm 30mt $500.00/mt
2E118 Peas PEAK 19/20 CHARLTON, VIC On Farm 40mt $500.00/mt
2E256 Peas PEAK 19/20 WANDEARAH, SA On Farm 60mt $530.00/mt
2D738 Peas PEAK 19/20 MINYIP, VIC On Farm 40mt $550.00/mt