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  C052 02 Jun Triticale TRI (CSG50) 10/11 TARAGORO, SA (Warehoused) 43mt $120.00/mt More details
  C504 25 May Triticale Feed 10/11 GORDON, VIC (Ex-Farm) 40mt $195.00/mt More details
  C005 03 May Triticale TRI (CSG50) 10/11 MANGOPLAH FARM CENTRE, NSW (Warehoused) 92mt $177.00/mt More details
  C323 20 Apr Triticale TRIT2 10/11 TAMWORTH, NSW (Ex-Farm) 55mt $230.00/mt More details
  C294 14 Apr Triticale TRI (CSG50) 10/11 GEROGERY, NSW (Ex-Farm) 27mt $180.00/mt More details
  B926 11 Apr Triticale TRI (CSG50) 10/11 WAGGA STH, NSW (Ex-Farm) 60mt $300.00/mt More details
  C219 01 Apr Triticale Feed 10/11 BURRUMBUTTOCK, NSW (Ex-Farm) 28mt $211.00/mt More details
  B697 18 Mar Triticale Feed 10/11 30KM N OF YASS, NSW (Ex-Farm) 35mt $190.00/mt More details
  C078 18 Mar Triticale TRI (CSG50) 10/11 KIALLA, VIC (Ex-Farm) 400mt $210.00/mt More details
  C076 18 Mar Triticale Other 10/11 KIALLA EAST, VIC (Ex-Farm) 50mt $200.00/mt More details
  C013 11 Mar Triticale TRI (CSG50) 10/11 PARKES, NSW (Ex-Farm) 140mt $312.00/mt More details
  B535 09 Mar Triticale TRI (CSG50) 10/11 PINNAROO, SA (Warehoused) 77mt $177.00/mt More details
  B885 09 Mar Triticale Feed 10/11 NYNGAN, NSW (Ex-Farm) 500mt $212.00/mt More details
  B724 07 Mar Triticale TRI (CSG50) 10/11 25KM SOUTH OF WAGGA WAGGA, NSW (Ex-Farm) 200mt $190.00/mt More details
  B957 07 Mar Triticale Feed 10/11 GOORAMBAT, VIC (Ex-Farm) 65mt $205.00/mt More details
  B932 05 Mar Triticale TRI (CSG50) 10/11 BROCKLESBY, NSW (Ex-Farm) 56mt $185.00/mt More details
  B855 25 Feb Triticale Feed 10/11 ARNO BAY, SA (Ex-Farm) 44mt $150.00/mt More details
  B834 24 Feb Triticale TRI (CSG50) 10/11 GUNDAGAI, NSW (Ex-Farm) 75mt $170.00/mt More details
  B251 15 Feb Triticale Feed 10/11 KIALLA, VIC (Ex-Farm) 27mt $215.00/mt More details
  B321 10 Feb Triticale Feed 10/11 WEST WYALONG, NSW (Ex-Farm) 27mt $160.00/mt More details

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