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D600 2011-11-16 Canola CAN (CSO1-a) 11/12 JUNEE ST, NSW (Warehoused) 150mt $480.25/mt
D590 2011-11-15 Canola CAN (CSO1-a) 11/12 PINNAROO, SA (Ex-Farm) 100mt $512.00/mt
D575 2011-11-11 Canola CAN (CSO1-a) 11/12 30KM EAST OF DUBBO, NSW (Ex-Farm) 90mt $500.00/mt
D567 2011-11-09 Canola CANG (CSO1) 11/12 MOOMBOOLDOOL, NSW (Warehoused) 128.39mt $465.50/mt
D563 2011-11-09 Canola CANG (CSO1) 11/12 MOOMBOOLDOOL, NSW (Warehoused) 190.91mt $465.50/mt
D562 2011-11-09 Canola CANG (CSO1) 11/12 PARKES, NSW (Warehoused) 259.28mt $465.00/mt
D313 2011-10-24 Canola Other 10/11 BOREE CREEK, NSW (Ex-Farm) 60mt $410.00/mt
D411 2011-10-13 Canola Other 10/11 THE ROCK, NSW (Warehoused) 18.04mt $420.00/mt
D409 2011-10-12 Canola CAN (CSO1-a) 10/11 OAKLANDS, NSW (Warehoused) 24mt $550.00/mt
C947 2011-08-17 Canola CAN (CSO1-a) 10/11 ARDROSSAN, SA (Warehoused) 57mt $575.00/mt
D077 2011-08-05 Canola CAN (CSO1-a) 10/11 HAY, NSW (Ex-Farm) 200mt $512.00/mt
C912 2011-07-14 Canola CAN (CSO1-a) 10/11 HAMILTON, VIC (Warehoused) 35mt $535.00/mt
C914 2011-07-13 Canola CAN (CSO1-a) 10/11 MARNOO VIC, VIC (Ex-Farm) 80mt $400.00/mt
C898 2011-07-11 Canola CAN (CSO1-a) 10/11 HAMILTON, VIC (Warehoused) 35mt $540.00/mt
C891 2011-07-08 Canola Other 10/11 BOOROWA, NSW (Warehoused) 23mt $451.00/mt
C881 2011-07-07 Canola Other 10/11 MCKENZIE CREEK, VIC (Ex-Farm) 55mt $325.00/mt
C119 2011-06-23 Canola CAN (CSO1-a) 10/11 BEULAH, VIC (Warehoused) 138mt $521.00/mt
C783 2011-06-22 Canola Other 10/11 TARLEE, SA (Warehoused) 120mt $550.00/mt
C695 2011-06-20 Canola Other 10/11 60KM NORTH WARREN, NSW (Ex-Farm) 125mt $300.00/mt
C457 2011-05-24 Canola CAN (CSO1-a) 10/11 NEVERTIRE, NSW (Ex-Farm) 23mt $380.00/mt

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