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Machallie McCormack

Senior Account Manager

Riverina NSW

mob: 0417 118 759

Cindy Brebner

Account Manager

Central Southern NSW

mob: 0477 641 544

Laura Smith

Account Manager

Central West NSW

mob: 0477 641 155

Brooke Huggins

Account Manager

Northern NSW and Southern QLD

mob: 0477 641 322

Marissa MacAlpine

Account Manager

Central VIC

mob: 0409 917 873

Ellie Fisher

Account Manager

North West VIC and SA

mob: 0488 010 462

2E533 Wheat ASW1 (CSG105) 20/21 DOOKIE, VIC On Farm 150mt $250.00/mt
2E449 Wheat APW M/G 20/21 DOOKIE, VIC Delivered To 500mt $275.00/mt
2E253 Wheat SFWR 20/21 GEELONG/MELBOURNE, VIC Delivered To 150mt $280.00/mt
2E660 Wheat ASW1 (CSG105) 19/20 BIRCHIP, VIC On Farm 120mt $290.00/mt
2E724 Wheat APH1 (CSG110) 19/20 DOOKIE, VIC GrainCorp 28.02mt $290.00/mt
2E091 Wheat APW1 (CSG103) 19/20 BOORT COOP, VIC Private Storage Facility 75.68mt $290.00/mt
2E663 Wheat ASW1 (CSG105) 19/20 NUMURKAH, VIC On Farm 400mt $300.00/mt
2E802 Wheat APW M/G 20/21 MELBOURNE, VIC Delivered To 200mt $305.00/mt
2E215 Wheat ASW1 (CSG105) 19/20 BIRCHIP, VIC AWB Grainflow 170mt $310.00/mt
2D879 Wheat ASW1 (CSG105) 19/20 KARNAK, VIC On Farm 200mt $310.00/mt
2E076 Wheat APW M/G 20/21 DELIVER MELBOURNE, VIC Delivered To 50mt $312.00/mt
2E092 Wheat H2 (CSG102) 19/20 BOORT COOP, VIC Private Storage Facility 62.7mt $330.00/mt
2E136 Wheat ASW1 (CSG105) 19/20 BOORT, VIC On Farm 85mt $335.00/mt
2E252 Wheat APW1 (CSG103) 19/20 WARGARATTA, VIC On Farm 72mt $340.00/mt
2E102 Wheat H1 (CSG101) 19/20 SHEPPARTON, VIC On Farm 20mt $340.00/mt
2D716 Wheat APW1 (CSG103) 19/20 RAINBOW, VIC On Farm 20mt $345.00/mt
2E038 Wheat H2 (CSG102) 19/20 WARRACKNABEAL, VIC On Farm 500mt $350.00/mt