2A467 Wheat SFWR 18/19 WESTMERE, VIC GrainCorp 300mt $370.00/mt More details
28598 Wheat H2 (CSG102) 17/18 CHARLTON, VIC AWB Grainflow 182.26mt $380.00/mt More details
2A226 Wheat SFW1 (CSG151) 18/19 HAMILTON, VIC On Farm 400mt $380.00/mt More details
2A732 Wheat SFW1 (CSG151) 18/19 HAMILTON , VIC On Farm 28mt $380.00/mt More details
2A708 Wheat APW1 (CSG103) 18/19 NHILL, VIC GrainCorp 170.1mt $385.00/mt More details
2A620 Wheat SFW1 (CSG151) 18/19 15KM SOUTH OF DERRINALLUM , VIC On Farm 90mt $390.00/mt More details
2A791 Wheat SFWR 18/19 WESTERN DISTRICTS, VIC Delivered To 500mt $394.00/mt More details
2A698 Wheat ASW1 (CSG105) 18/19 SHEPPARTON, VIC On Farm 220mt $400.00/mt More details
2A064 Wheat ASW1 (CSG105) 18/19 MANANGATANG, VIC On Farm 88mt $400.00/mt More details
2A143 Wheat SFW1 (CSG151) 18/19 CARAMUT, VIC On Farm 250mt $400.00/mt More details
2A385 Wheat ASW1 (CSG105) 18/19 NHILL, VIC On Farm 300mt $400.00/mt More details
2A129 Wheat APW1 (CSG103) 18/19 MANANGATANG, VIC On Farm 44mt $400.00/mt More details
29875 Wheat ASW1 (CSG105) 18/19 JEPARIT, VIC GrainCorp 93.88mt $400.00/mt More details
2A508 Wheat SFW1 (CSG151) 18/19 TOURELLO, VIC On Farm 60mt $400.00/mt More details
2A830 Wheat H2 (CSG102) 17/18 MURTOA, VIC GrainCorp 367.7mt $400.00/mt More details
2A545 Wheat APW1 (CSG103) 18/19 WERRIMULL, VIC On Farm 200mt $400.00/mt More details
2A610 Wheat H2 (CSG102) 18/19 CHARLTON, VIC On Farm 90mt $400.00/mt More details
2A808 Wheat H1 (CSG101) 18/19 BYRNESIDE, VIC On Farm 75mt $400.00/mt More details
2A753 Wheat ASW1 (CSG105) 18/19 BOORT, VIC Private Storage Facility 25.54mt $400.00/mt More details
28128 Wheat APW1 (CSG103) 17/18 BIRCHIP, VIC AWB Grainflow 54.1mt $400.00/mt More details

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