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Oats - GSF

#145mt $115.00/mt

  • Listed 19/06/17 at 10:47 AM
  • Located On Farm in DOUGLAS, South Wimmera, VIC.
  • Storage method Sealed Silo
  • Season 16/17
  • Pricing method Warehouse Transfer.
  • Comments Feed oats with approx 10% barley. Storied in sealed silo. Fumigated with lable rate of phostoxin. Happy to sell in 25t lots Delivery available
  • GTA standard? This listing meets GTA standard.
  • Screenings 2%
  • Protein 0%
  • Test Weight 54
  • Moisture 0%
  • Variety Echidna
  • This listing has been treated with pesticide.

  • Treated with Phostoxin
  • On 31/01/17
  • Rate Label

Payment terms 30 days from end of week delivered. Unless otherwise stated in comment section.

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